Our expert team

The group’s heart and soul!

Matt Philpott


Antoinette Ayana Greens

Chief Executive Officer

Charlotte Crandall

Chief Financial Officer

Faviano Lim

Managing Director

The Core Strengths of Our Team = Our Core Strengths!

The group in Australia has a time-honored standing for applied economics research. Its research team in this arena is big, while its portfolio is diverse. The group’s core strengths reside in resource, environmental, and agricultural economics, policy analysis, and health and development economics. Significant ventures include rural and global development, natural resource management, labor markets, unemployment and employment, commodity and financial markets, communal development, delivery of goods and services.

Our Primary Interests Common across all Team Members!

Whether for short- or long-term, our applied economics research program tends to impact market regulation, provision of public services, distribution of income and resources, and the overall community development. Our primary interests are trade, micro-level finance problems, FDI, and finance issues of companies in developing regions. We bring together all advisors and researchers with diverse expertise and interests, who come right from the standard schools of political economy to the modern DSGE school of thought.