Does E-Juice Go Bad?

Does E-Juice Go Bad?

Since a lot of e-juice from formulations are made of vegetable glycerine, a lot of e-juice fans automatically conclude that these products do not go bad. They assume that since alcohol doesn’t break down when sealed (think wine!) this means e-juice doesn’t break down either. That’s too much of an assumption to make because, you have to understand that while it’s true that a significant amount of e-juice materials out there have some level of alcohol, manufacturers can’t put too much alcohol in these products. Otherwise, they might run afoul of the law.


Alcohol regulations are all over the place. They tend to get enforced very strictly. Plus, you don’t want to produce a product that is, for all intents and purposes, an alcoholic product. Sure, people are not drinking it, but the intoxicating effect still remains because this product is essentially a very powerful distilled spirit. This is why you can’t assume that just because your e-juice formulation has a decent amount of alcohol in it that it will never go bad. That is too much of a leap of faith to make. Instead, look at the other parts of the equation. What kind of compounds are being used? What kind of natural flavor enhancers or additives are being included? Now, the more synthetic those additional items are, the more you can bet that the e-juice formulation you are enjoying probably won’t go bad any time soon. Now, that may sound great, but it also opens a whole new can of worms.


You don’t want to vape an item that is made of pure synthetic chemicals. It might open all sorts of potential health risks for you. After all, the more synthetic the stuff that you breathe in, touch, taste, eat or drink every single day, the higher the chance that you might develop health problems later on. You just don’t know how these chemical compounds will interact with your system.


Everybody’s got their own defined set of chemical sensitivities. This is why you have to shoot for a healthy balance between the natural components of e-juice and its alcohol or alcohol-like components. You’re looking to walk a fine line between purely synthetic stuff that basically would last forever, but may be bad for you, and a purely organic formulation that can go bad very quickly. When looking at the organic components of your e-juice, make sure it’s something that doesn’t ferment or break down chemically quickly. It should be something that usually breaks down or separates slowly.


As much as possible, go with a formulation that uses certain oils or certain mixes that blend well with the alcohol or alcohol-like component so the liquid remains fairly stable for a long period of time. Now, this is not always the case so you have to essentially tackle this issue on a case by case basis. Still, I’ve given you enough information so you can make a truly informed choice and you would know what to look for the next time you buy a new bottle of e-juice.

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