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CSES has been awarded funding of more than $900,000 over three years by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) for a project titled 'Enabling Agricultural Policies for Benefitting Smallholders in Dairy, Citrus and Mango Industries of Pakistan'.

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CSES has been working closely with the World Health Organisation and others on the investment case for maternal and child health, resulting in an article in:
The Lancet
Advancing social and economic development by investing in women's and children's health: a new Global Investment Framework
(19 November 2013)

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Roger Bodman, in collaboration with scientists from the University of Melbourne, has generated more reliable projections of global warming estimates at 2100 in an article published in:
Nature Climate Change
Uncertainty in temperature projections reduced using carbon cycle and climate observations
(vol. 3, pp. 725–729, 2013)


John Houghton (CSES) and Neil Beagrie (Charles Beagrie Ltd) recently completed a series of studies exploring the value and impact of research data curation and sharing. The studies cover the Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS), the Archaeology Data Service (ADS), and the British Atmospheric Data Centre (BADC).

Economic Impact Evaluation
of the Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS)

The Value and Impact of the British Atmospheric Data Centre (BADC) (2013)

The Value and Impact of the Archaeology Data Service (ADS) (2013)

Primary re-use of ADS data

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Valuing Adaptation Under Rapid Change:
Final Report

By Roger Jones, Celeste Young, John Handmer, Adriana Keating,
Gayathri Mekala and Peter Sheehan
(NCCARF, RMIT University and Victoria University, 2013)

Project poster: The scientific origins of the gradualist adaptation narrative and how to move beyond it

Project poster: Adaptation and innovation: reframing adaptation implementation

Project poster handout: Adaptation and innovation: reframing adaptation implementation

Project workshop report: Beyond the Mean

Guidance notes for reading the IPCC summary for policymakers


The Impact of Further PBS Reforms, CSES report to Medicines Australia, was released on 20 May 2013.

The report's author, Dr Kim Sweeny said, 'The report demonstrates that PBS reforms are working and will deliver as much as $18 billion in savings'.

Read more at http://medicinesaustralia.com.au/.



The Centre for Strategic Economic Studies (CSES), established at Victoria University in 1993, is now one of the leading applied economic research groups in Australia. Its research output is of high quality and is influential at both national and international levels.

The Centre’s objective is to study the key issues arising from the process of rapid economic and technological change. While drawing on strong theoretical and empirical foundations in economics, its research is intended to have special relevance to policy formulation and implementation in relevant areas. The specific areas of application are Australia and the countries of our region, especially China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam, but a focus on the USA and Europe is often necessary to understand the global nature of the issue in question. The approach is primarily economic, although the interdisciplinary nature of the skill sets required to deal such interlinked issues is explicitly recognised.

The Centre's current director is Prof. Bruce Rasmussen. He joined CSES in 1999 and was Deputy Director.He has had a career spanning the senior levels of both the public and private sectors. He previously was Assistant Director General, Finance in the Department of Management and Budget of the State of Victoria. Before that he spent seven years at the ANZ Bank, where he held various senior business strategy roles, most notably as Chief Manager, Retail Strategy in the Retail Bank and Chief Manager, Development of the Private Bank.

The Centre's founding director was Prof. Peter Sheehan. He has held various positions including senior researcher at the Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research at Melbourne University and Director General of the former management and budget department in the Victorian Government. He has also held a wide range of board positions with Australian companies, particularly in high-technology areas. He is currently Research Director at CSES.

The Centre has a high quality research team of 18 professionals, with strong national and international links, together with a high quality cohort of 40 PhD and DBA students